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Levator Scapulae /
Rhomboid Strain


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The levator scapulae and rhomboid muscles attach the shoulder blade to the spine. With the trapezius, these muscles support the upper back.

This part of the upper back can be strained due to poor posture with computer use, phone use, compensation due to an injury, or any repetitive motion.


Taking regular stretch breaks with any repetitive activity and respecting pain can help prevent Levator / Scapulae Syndrome.


Patients complain of pain over the back of the shoulders up to the neck. Most people describe a throbbing, ache, or tightness.

Treatment: Nonsurgical Only

Stretching and strengthening the upper back, neck and chest muscles helps relieve symptoms and prevent symptoms from returning. Anti-inflammatory medication can also help with acute flares of pain.

Exercises include neck and back stretches, lat pull downs, horizontal rows, shoulder shrugs, bench press, dips, and military press. To see exercises in detail please follow to exercises.

Patients should be able to fully rehabilitate from this injury with stretching, strengthening and activity modifications. Physical therapy can help if patients are unable to rehabilitate on their own.